Responsible sourcing

Taking responsibility.

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Beyond the drawing board.

Supply chains are complex and ours is no different. In order to produce more than 260,000 machines that roll off the production lines each week, we work with several hundred suppliers all over the world. Dyson and its suppliers share a responsbility to the environment, and to the people involved in manufacturing Dyson machines and components. Our commitment to this area is long-term and continuous - because there will always be a better way of doing things.

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We're demanding and driven.

We only want to work with suppliers who share our drive for improvement. We expect them to meet international standards regarding health and safety, labour and the environment.

Our suppliers work to an ethical and environmental code of conduct that covers a range of subjects, including working hours, freedom of association, environmental monitoring, and fair disciplinary practices.

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Making it happen.

Our in-house Corporate Social Responsibiility team work with suppliers to ensure the code is being applied, through remote assessments, audits and site visits. If a supplier doesn't meet our standards, we seek another that does. Our UK Modern Slavery Act Statement goes into more detail about our responsible sourcing activities.

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Safety, built-in

Every Dyson component must comply with the European Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS). Dyson also complies with REACH, the European regulation on the registration of chemicals.

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